Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Banker Spy

The Banker Spy
by William G. Byrnes
published by Publish Green
ISBN 978-1-938296-34-5
Why Read?: Review
Challenges: Mystery & Suspense

William G. Byrnes has burst onto the scene with a compelling thriller that melds a scary past with terrifying modern threat. The Banker Spy is a real page turner and a great overall suspense.

Peter Armstrong has a good job taking the lead on the issuing of public stock of a prestigious German auto manufacture, Storch.  Life seems pretty good until his ex-girlfriend, CIA agent Dayna Caymus, calls him, asking him to do some underground research into Storch.  Soon, Armstrong find himself on the run from the German government as they plot with Storch to start a war.  If Armstrong cannot deliver the information Caymus wants, then it looks like history will be repeating itself.

From the start, The Banker Spy is a real page turner.  What helps make it thrilling is how Byrnes ties his fictitious present into the most real past.  His knowledge of history is solid, and he imbues The Banker Spy with just the right amount.  Most intriguing are the Nazi tunnels and how they play into Storch and Germany's new plot for European dominance.

With great attention to detail and a great pace, The Banker Spy will delight fans of suspense.  William G. Byrnes is definitely one to watch.

Rating: 4/5

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  1. Ricki, glad you enjoyed William's blending of the past and the present. Thanks for the review of his thriller!