Thursday, November 15, 2012

Owlet Review & Giveaway


When Iris was awake enough to feel the bed underneath her, she wished she could return to the dream. She hoped that keeping her eyes closed might let her drift back to sleep but smiled when she realized she didn’t need the dream. She could see Falcon today. She could even see him right now, but her stomach grumbled and she knew she would have to eat first.

Eat...then find him. If you ask Diana for time to yourself, she will give it to you.

by Emma Michaels
published by Tribute
ISBN 978-0-9857922-1-3
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Emma Michaels has created possibly the most unique YA fantasy series yet.  Owlet, the first book in the Society of Feather series, introduces readers to world where some people share the souls of birds.

Iris has lived alone with her dad and her caretaker, Diana, as long as she can remember.  Kept away from the rest of the world by her asthma, Iris lives her life inside of her dreams about a secret place she calls her Never-Never.  Her Never-Never is beautiful island with a house with a red door…and is covered in white feathers.  When she finally tells her dad about her dreams, he realizes it is time for her to learn about her past and who she truly is.  With Diana, she journeys to the island of her dreams where she learns that her family is part of a Stryx, a race that shares half of their soul with birds.  Iris was hidden at birth because they thought she was one of the rare kinds that are killed at birth, but it turns out she has the potential to be something much more dangerous to the Eyrie Council…but learning who she is comes at much too high a cost.

Michaels has created a very interesting fantasy race, but her vision comes out a tad muddled, making it hard to fully dive into the story.  Aside from not being able to go in deep water because of the bird half of their soul, I could not really figure out what made the Stryx special, or what role their bird type really played in the grand scheme of things.  Also, I could not figure out what Iris’s chronic asthma had to do with anything and why she was using such old treatments that did not seem to be working for her when there are much better treatments out there now that let those of use with chronic asthma live normally.  Maybe these questions will be answered in the second book, as Owlet seemed more like an intro to Iris and the Stryx and a lead-up to Iris’s real adventures as an Owlet in the Society of Feathers.

Emma Michaels has created a very unique story with Owlet. I really want to see where she takes the Society of Feathers with the next book, Eyrie, as I am sure that Owlet is just the start of one exciting adventure that will continue to grow.

Rating: 2/5

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