Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Translator

A New Birth of Freedom: The Translator
by Robert G. Pielke
published by Whiskey Creek
ISBN 978-1-61160-361-3
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The second installment of Robert G. Pielke’s A New Birth of Freedom, The Translator, starts exactly where the first part, The Visitor, left off.  In fact, Pielke picks up so seamlessly and with very little exposition that it feels like one must read the two back to back.

Having captured a number of the Pests, and with the rest of them dead or holed up in their alien crafts, Edwin Blair, President Lincoln, and the Union army continue to try to communicate with the Pests and find out the reason for their attack.  Unfortunately, Blair altered history enough by sending the Pests to Gettysburg that he is starting to lose his memory.  Will they find out what the Pests want before history is changed beyond recognition?  Blair can only hope so or the future he came from may no longer be there.

Pielke still has an interesting concept, especially when he introduces how the Pests “learn”, but The Translator drags a little more than The Visitor.  Being a longer novel, it is lacking some of the fast-paced suspense from the first.  Also, the wonderful illustrations from The Visitor are missed.  However, Pielke still shows great breadth of imagination with an alternate history that is fully researched and very believable…providing giant insect-like aliens could invade Earth in the future.

The Translator must be read in conjunction with The Visitor to be understood, but together (and with the anticipated third novel), The New Birth of Freedom trilogy makes for a great historical sci-fi.  I cannot wait to see how Robert G. Pielke ends this adventure.

Rating: 3/5


  1. Ricki, glad you appreciated the amount of research that went into Bob's alternate history. Thanks for the review.

  2. Thanks from me too....I hope the third one will satisfy even more! :-)

    Bob Pielke