Monday, December 5, 2011

Manga Reading Challenge Recap

Despite Tokyopop no longer sending me manga to review (or even existing), I had a very easy time completing the Manga Reading Challenge of reading 12 in a year. It might have been too easy, though, and without higher levels, I'm not sure if I will participate in 2012. Here's what I've read in 2011:

1. Tsubasa: Those with Wings 3 by Natsuki Takaya
2. Happy Cafe 2 by Kou Matsuzuki
3. Maid Sama! 4 by Hiro Fujiwara
4. Maid Sama! 5 by Hiro Fujiwara
5. Happy Cafe 3 by Kou Matsuzuki
6. Happy Cafe 4 by Kou Matsuzuki
7. Broken Angels 1 by Setsuri Tsuzuki
8. Alice in the Country of Hearts 2 by Soumei Hoshino & Quinrose
9. Grand Guignol Orchestra 1 by Kaori Yuki
10. The Dark-Hunters 4 by Sherrilyn Kenyon & Claudia Campos
11. Alice in the Country of Hearts 3 by Soumei Hoshino & Quinrose
12. Alice in the Country of Hearts 4 by Soumei Hoshino & Quinrose

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