Thursday, March 10, 2011

Broken Angels Volume 1

Title: Broken Angels Volume 1
Author: Setsuri Tsuzuki
Publisher: Tokyopop
ISBN: 1598161598
Why Read?: For fun
Challenges: 1st in a Series, Manga, 100 Books in a Year

Thoughts: The artwork in Broken Angels is perfect for a high school shojo fantasy. The story, however, left me thoroughly confused. Fujiwara Sunao is a girl who dresses as a boy and has some magical powers (I think she might be a fallen angel or something) that she uses to help others who have some twisted problems. Oh, and the school nurse is girly (although a guy) and creepy, and the class president also has some attraction to Fujiwara. There was a lot of potential here, but the story just did not make sense.
Rating: 2 stars

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