Saturday, December 13, 2014

A Courtship for Cecilia

A Courtship for Cecilia
by Ruth J. Hartman
published by esKape
ISBN n/a
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Ruth J. Hartman’s Love Birds series is a lot of fun, and A Courtship for Cecilia is a great addition.  We first met Cecilia in the previous book, An Unwanted Earl, and I was hoping she would get her own story – and she does!

After her father’s accident, Cecilia’s family is moved onto her half-brother’s estate so her father can become the new steward.  Life is pretty good there for Cecilia but becomes even better when her half-brother, Conrad, suggests sponsoring her in a come-out.  Her mother objects, but her father stands behind her heartily, even when he realizes she must take an assumed name to hide her humble background.  The first gentlemen she meets, Barrington Radcliff, is immediately taken with her, and her with him.  Barrington, however, has been lied to in the past, and is having difficulty learning to trust.  What will happen when he learns Cecilia’s secret?

Cecilia is a very accessible protagonist, which makes her a lot of fun to get to know.  Barrington is a nice guy, too, but his uncle Percy is the one who is the most fun.  I really wish Hartman included him even more than she did – eccentric elderly relatives seem to be her forte.  The build-up throughout the story leading to Barrignton discovering Cecilia’s secret was great, but the second to last chapter did not flow as well into the last, and the last chapter seemed rather rushed and too easily wrapped up in a nice neat bow.  However, the rest of the story was a great read with plenty of humor and perfect pacing.

A Courtship for Cecilia is a fun addition to the Love Birds series.  I am not sure if Ruth Hartman is planning this to be more than a trilogy, but whatever she writes next, I will eagerly devour.

Rating 4/5

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