Monday, June 27, 2022

Finding Me


Title: Finding Me

Author: Viola Davis

Publisher: HarperOne
ISBN: 9780063037328
Thoughts:  Intense yet approachable memoir that will really resonate with those in theatre.
Rating: 5/5

The Candy House

 58485496. sx318

Title: The Candy House

Author: Jennifer Egan

Publisher: Simon Schuster Audio
ISBN: 9781797128412
Thoughts: A look at a not-unrealistic near-future told in Egan's signature style, meaning I loved some chapters and could not connect with others.
Rating: 3/5

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Easy Beauty


Title: Easy Beauty

Author: Chloe Cooper Jones

Publisher: Avid Reader Press
ISBN: 9781982151997
Thoughts:  I liked the second half much more than the first, and I am not sure if it is because it took me that long to get into Jones's writing style, or if the second half truly had a different feel.
Rating: 3/5

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

When We Were Birds


Title: When We Were Birds

Author: Ayanna Lloyd Banwo

Publisher: Doubleday
ISBN: 9780385547260
Thoughts:  Once you get past what seems like improper tenses to an American English reader, this is a power work of magical realism.
Rating: 4/5

The Son of Mr. Suleman

 55055156. sy475

Title: The Son of Mr. Suleman

Author: Eric Jerome Dickey

Publisher: Black Rose
ISBN: 9781524745233
Thoughts:  Intense novel about so many emotional topics, but well-worth the read.
Rating: 5/5

These Hollow Vows


Title: These Hollow Vows

Author: Lexi Ryan

Publisher: Clarion
Thoughts:  The beginning borrowed from a few popular stories, but once the story got going, it came into it's own.
Rating: 4/5

Monday, June 20, 2022

The Arden

 57347314. sy475

Title: The Arden

Author: L.S. Popovich

Publisher: Black Rose
ISBN: n/a
Thoughts:  Interesting distopian eco-fiction with some great world-building even if some is a little hard to gully grasp.
Rating: 3/5

Saturday, June 18, 2022

Stacking the Shelves: 5/8-6/18


 Won from Library Summer Reading Club:


Land of Love and Drowning by Tipahnie Yanique


 52321511. sy475

Title: Bravey: Chasing Dreams, Befriending Pain, and Other Big Ideas

Author: Alexi Pappas

Publisher: Random House Audio
ISBN: n/a
Thoughts:  I could connect with some of this, but not with other parts, so very much on the fence on this one.
Rating: 3/5

Nothing Could Possibly Go Wrong


Title: Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong

Author: Prudence Shen & Faith Erin Hicks

Publisher: First Second
ISBN: 9781596436596
Thoughts:  Outrageous high school comedy that somehow just works.
Rating: 4/5

Friday, June 17, 2022

The Promise


Title: The Promise

Author: Damon Galgut

Publisher: Europa Editions
ISBN: 9781609456580
Thoughts:  Galgut's writing flows seamlessly between characters, so seamlessly, though, that it is sometimes hard to tell who is the current focus.
Rating: 3/5

Wednesday, June 15, 2022



Title: Admissions: A Memoir of Surviving Boarding School

Author: Kendra James

Publisher: Grand Central
ISBN: 9781538753484
Thoughts:  A candid look at being Black at a New England board school that is at times funny and at time infuriating.
Rating: 4/5



Title: Atonement

Author: Ian McEwan

Publisher: Nan A Talese
ISBN: 9780385503952
Thoughts: The cover makes this look gothic, but aside from not being so, it is a wonderful story of a wrong and the subsequent, well, atonement.
Rating: 4/5

Monday, June 13, 2022

Her Master and Commander

 34855014. sx318

Title: Her Master and Commander

Author: Anya Summers

Publisher: Blushing
ISBN: n/a
Thoughts:  I did not understand the motivations of the characters, and a lot of the interaction and character development felt forced.
Rating: 2/5

Saturday, June 11, 2022

French Braid

 59612049. sx318

Title: French Braid

Author: Anne Tyler

Publisher: Penguin Random House Audio
ISBN: 9780593551431
Thoughts:  Appealing family saga where each time period focuses on a different family member.
Rating: 4/5

Wednesday, June 8, 2022

The Book of Monologues for Aspiring Actors


Title: The Book of Monologues for Aspiring Actors

Author: Marsh Cassady

Publisher: Glencoe
ISBN: 9780844257716
Thoughts:  Nice to see a monologue book for young actors with some meaty monologues from real plays, even if many of the contemporary ones are obscure.
Rating: 4/5

Tuesday, June 7, 2022

The Days of Afrekete


Title: The Days of Afrekete

Author: Asali Solomon

Publisher: Farrar, Straus & Giroux
ISBN: 9780374140052
Thoughts:  Normally I prefer a little more plot, but this was a wonderful character-driven novel that leaves you pondering.
Rating: 4/5

Sunday, June 5, 2022

Before the Ruins

 54940842. sx318

Title: Before the Ruins

Author: Victoria Gosling

Publisher: Macmillan Audio
ISBN: n/a
Thoughts:  Story was rather muddled with the unclear flashbacks, making it hard to follow what could have been a great modern gothic, plus there were no sympathetic characters, which can kill a mystery.
Rating: 2/5

Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Frog and Toad Audio Collection


Title: Frog and Toad Audio Collection

Author: Arnold Lobel

Publisher: HarperCollins
ISBN: 9780060817961
Thoughts:  Such cute stories that can be appreciated by young and old, but you cannot get illustrations on audio.
Rating: 4/5