Friday, March 15, 2013


by Andy Gavin
published by Mascherato
ISBN 978-1-937945-04-6
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Andy Gavin has put a new twist on time travel in Untimed.  In this creative tale, we follow Charlie, a modern boy who is rather forgettable, making his life somewhat boring.  All of that changes when he follows a clockwork man through a hole in time and finds himself in 1725 London.  He is immediately accosted by Yvaine, a street urchin with more than her fair share of secrets.  Once he gets his wallet…er, coin purse…back, Charlie discovers that Yvaine is a time-traveler – and he is one, too.  It turns out, boys can only travel to the past and girls can only travel to the future, but they can travel with each other.  Yvaine, however, is reluctant to leave 1725 because of her son.  Charlie, though, has an idea that involved Ben Franklin…and that is where the time changing adventure truly begins.

Untimed is a very unique novel and Gavin has obviously spent considerable time on world-building and figuring out the logistics.  The only problem is that some parts seem rather slow for what should be a fast-paced YA adventure. Part of this is because it takes some time to really get to know Charlie and Yvaine – and to like them – but once their problems escalate, so does the pace.

Fans of time-travel, YA adventure, and steampunk will enjoy the world Andy Gavin has created in Untimed.  Just remember to give the novel a bit of time to suck you in.

Rating: 4/5

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  1. Ricki, thanks for the review. Glad you feel this is a read YA fans will enjoy :)