Saturday, September 26, 2015

In the Box: September 2015 Fresh Fiction Box Not to Miss

OK, so I seem to have been putting the wrong month on my Fresh Fiction box review (or maybe not, so confused).  This one was clearly the October not the September box, and it did a pretty good job with that theme.  Once again, it contained three paperbacks: Enchanted by the Wolf by Michele Hauf (which is signed!), Shadow Fall by Laura Griffin, and Sustained by Emma Chase. Shadow Fall seems totally me, and Enchanted by the Wolf involves a Fae, so that is awesom. Once again, 3 ebooks this month.  I received Cherish Me, Cowboy by Alissa Callen, Eye of the Ninja by D.M. Marlowe, and Luck be a Lady by Gemma Halliday & T. Sue Versteeg.  Cherish Me, Cowboy only came as an epub, which is OK, because of the three, it is the only one that is not me.

The swag kept mostly with an October theme.  There was chocolate coffee-scented lip balm, a pen that looks like a syringe, a skull bracelet, and candy corn.  The one item that was out of place (and totally out of time) was a mouse pad.

Possibly my favorite Fresh Fiction Box Not to Miss.  While this month had 3 paperbacks, each box will have at least one paperback and 3-6 ebooks, along with swag, for $25 a month (you can skip months). 

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