Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Howling Heart

The Howling Heart
by April Bostic
published by Eternal
ISBN 978-1-62929-019-5
Why Read?: Review
Challenges: Standalone

The Howling Heart is a paranormal romance, but author April Bostic takes it further than some readers of this genre may be comfortable with.  Hardcore shifter fans, though, will probably love it.

Paige is working her way up at Elle magazine.  Right after a huge promotion, though, two other things happen that completely change her life.  First, she discovers that her boyfriend is cheating on her.  Even worse, her father dies expectantly and leaves her a cabin in Black River, Colorado.  Needing a change of scenery, Paige takes her bereavement leave and sets out for Colorado to check on the cabin.  Her first night there, a wolf visits her just like one did when her family vacationed there when she was ten.  Trying to leave, she flips her car trying to avoid a large animal.  She is taken in by Riley, the hottest guy in town, and his twin sister, Quinn.  Their father is the sheriff who is none too happy with Riley's infatuation with Paige.  See, the town of Black River harbors a secret, one that Paige cannot easily comprehend.

I do not have a problem reading shifter romances, but I do have a problem with bestiality, which Bostic alludes to though never quite goes there.   This is what really pulled me out of The Howling Heart.  Also, Paige was rather well-rounded, but Riley was a tad too much of a sex-god stereotype, making him somewhat unbelievable.  Quinn was also a very notably developed character.  Also, even though the characters were in their early twenties, some of their actions just did not seem to fit with that generation.

As I mentioned at the beginning, certain aspects of The Howling Heart might not sit well with some readers.  However, those who really love shifters will enjoy April Bostic's work.

Rating 2/5

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  1. Ricki, thanks for taking the time to read and review April's book!