Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Dead Dreams

Dead Dreams
by Emma Right
published by Right
ISBN n/a
Why Read?: Review
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The new adult genre is really taken off, but mainly just in romance.  Therefore, it is more than refreshing that Emma Right decided to write Dead Dreams in a genre that is sorely lacking in great offerings for those over the age of 12 yet not adults yet - mystery/thriller.

Brie O'Mara is excited to be out on her own, even if it means having to get a roommate.  Sarah seems like the perfect one, especially when it comes to paying rent.  However, Sarah has many secrets and soon drags Brie in on a scheme that is anything but above aboard.  Brie must decide what is more important: having the money she needs to do whatever she wants or keeping her life as it is.

This is a fast read with pretty good intensity.  The one thing that kills the pace, though, is Brie's frequent foreshadowing regrets.  This is a device that is used often in thrillers, but Right tends to overuse it, which slows the story and makes Brie a tad annoying.  Otherwise, it is a solid read and good addition to the genre.

Dead Dreams is perfect for any new adult fan wanting something more.  Emma Right is definitely on the right track with this series.

Rating 3/5

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  1. Ricki, thanks for the review and for highlighting how Emma is bringing something different to the world of New Adult titles :)