Sunday, August 19, 2012

Quest, Inc.

Quest, Inc.
by Justin Cohen
published by Telemachus
Why Read?: Review
Challenges: n/a

Justin Cohen has created a unique concept with Quest, Inc.: self-help fiction.  Combining fictional stories with real advice, Quest, Inc. is an interesting and uplifting read.

Robert Rivera won a prestigious award for his work on the national obesity crisis.  Unfortunately, deeply-rooted problems blocked him from following his own advice.  With the help of the rest of his former national committee members, Robert gets back on his feet in an amazing four months.  Psyched by what they accomplished and perturbed that the recent study shows that their national effort did not work, the four committee members – Robert, Carter, Jay, and Mickey – plus a beauty guru, Alexia, form Quest, Inc.  Determined to prove that self-help gurus are more than snake oil salesman, they take on a variety of cases while an investigative reporter scrutinizes their every move.

Instead of being one novel, I would have enjoyed Quest, Inc. as a series of novellas, each fully focusing on a client.  The first part which chronicles Robert’s recovery is excellent, and while the rest of the book is fine, more time could have been spent on each of Quest, Inc.’s clients, providing a little more conflict and intensity. 

Quest, Inc. is not fast-paced or action-packed but it is uplifting and motivational.  Justin Cohen has created the perfect vehicle for self-help advice without the stigma of an actual self-help book.

Rating: 4/5


  1. Ricki, thanks for the review of Justin's book. Glad you enjoyed it - and love how you coined the genre - self-help fiction.

  2. Thank you Ricki. I'm currently writing the sequel so your detailed feedback is very valuable.