Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Night Sky

Night Sky
by Jolene Perry
published by Tribute
ISBN 978-0-9837418-6-2
Why Read?: Review
Challenges:  YA Contemporary, Sophomore, Standalone, YA Saves, Multi-Cultural, 100 Books in a Year

Night Sky is so far my favorite YA contemporary of 2012.  Jolene Perry's smooth writing style pulled me in immediately and did not let me go until the last page.  

Jameson world has just come crashing down - or so he thinks.  Sarah, his best friend and the girl he has a crush on, used him as a date to their dance just so she could hook up with the guy she has a crush on.  Devastated, Jameson finds himself driving around his hometown of Las Vegas where he picks up Sky, a college freshman who is living with her grandparents just down the street from him. With just one night swim, Jameson finds that he has fallen hard, and Sky's demand for honesty brings their relationship to a whole new level that anything he ever had with Sarah.  But when he learns that Sky is keeping some of her own secrets, Jameson learns that the one whom he must be the most honest with my just as well be himself.

Perry's writing is just as honest as Jameson tries to be with Sky.  She delivers a realistic story that many high-schoolers - especially seniors on the verge of adulthood - can relate to.  Nothing in the plot or character development feels forced, and Jameson is truly the type of guy that every girl wants but tends not to notice.  Telling the story from his point of view adds an additional level of realism than I think would have come across if Perry chose Sky as the main character.

With a very believable storyline and characters, Night Sky is a must read.  Jolene Perry is definitely a YA contemporary author to watch.  

Rating: 5/5


  1. This sounds really great I love how realistic it's all written I have it on my wishlist already! :)

  2. I really loved this book too. Great review.

  3. Ricki, reviews don't often get better than that. Thank you so much. I'm beyond thrilled by how much you enjoyed Jolene's book.

    Giselle, I hope you get a chance to check it out :)

    Cathy, I'm glad you liked it too!