Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Color of Deception

Color of Deception
by Ruth J. Hartman
published by esKape
ISBN 9781940695882
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The start of Ruth J. Hartman's The Sullyard Sisters trilogy, Color of Deception, is full of romance with a touch of suspense.  It is also includes Hartman's trademark sweet characters with a soft spot for cats.

Kitty Sullyard is the oldest of three sisters, making a living by selling panoramas in the park.  The three sisters live with their cousin, Roger, a bitter man, who just wants to marry off his wards.  Both Kitty and Roger see a chance to something better when Stratford Bexley takes an interest in using Kitty's panoramas for his father's paper.  Suddenly, Kitty is being whisked around the sights of London by both Stratford and his cousin, Nathaniel.  Both appear rather rakish, but Kitty senses there is more to Nathaniel, and ends up needing to trust him with her life.

Color of Deception is a fun story with great characters, but I wish the suspense played a larger role.  The book started with Kitty's kidnapping before flashing back to the events leading up to it, but it was more than two-thirds through before any part of the story related to that incident came to light.  Other than that, though, this was a classic Ruth J. Hartman novel, quickly enfolding the reader in its cozy and sweet world.

Rating 3/5

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