Friday, July 31, 2015

In the Box: July 2015 Fresh Fiction Box Not to Miss

This month's Fresh Fiction box, was a great one.  Instead of one paperback, like in the first two, this box contained three: Second Chance Summer by Jill Shalvis, Lady be Good by Meredith Duran, and Dragon Fall by Kate MacAllister.  I am definitely excited about Dragon Fall because MacAllister's writing is very fun.  The ebooks I received links/codes for were Dream Man by Kimberly Dean, Doughnuts & Deadly Schemes by Janet Gradowski, Men & Martinis by Delancy Stewart, and The Same Side by GM Doporto.  I am loving the cozies from Gemma Halliday publishing that I have received so far, so I know Doughnuts & Deadly Schemes will be awesome, and The Same Side is a YA (the second in a series, but the 1st is supposed free right now), so that is awesome, too.

The swag definitely fit with the "Back to School" theme: pens, paper, tote bag, and this awesome screen wipe with stylus.  The candy has not been interesting me, and this one is bubble gum flavored, which makes it rather unappealing to me as I only like that flavor in actual gum.

A pretty awesome Fresh Fiction Box Not to Miss.  While this month had 3 paperbacks, each box will have at least one paperback and 3-6 ebooks, along with swag, for $25 a month (you can skip months). 

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