Saturday, April 4, 2015

In the Box: March 2015 Awesome Pack Big Kid Box

This month's Awesome Pack Big Kid Pack was another stellar month, showing that they really do listen to the surveys you fill out every month. The subscription is $44.99 a month and you can choose the Big Kid option (for those without kids - like me), or the Family option.  Their site does not have referral links set up yet, nor can you log into your account yet, but they do have a referral program, so if you do decide after reading my review to try it, I would very much appreciate if you told them you heard about it from me, rickimc [at] aol [dot] com.
First off, if you saw anything about the Awesome Pack Big Kids Pack last month, you would have seen that pieces were missing from the "big" game, Kairo.  Well, because Awesome Pack is so awesome, they were able to get replacement parts from the publisher and included them in this month's box.
For April, the "big" game was Camelot: The Build (a $39.99 value).  This comes from UK publisher Wotan Games, whom I have never heard of, but that is one awesome thing - getting introduced to new-to-me game manufacturers.  What is also awesome is that this particular game comes with solo variant instructions!
In addition to a "big" game, smaller games are also included in the Big Kid pack.  This month, four were included!  Of those, the one I am most excited for is Friday (a $19.95 value).  Why am I so excited about this?  It is a "solo adventure" - that means it is a game designed specifically for 1 person.  While my husband and my friends do like to game, I can't always get together with my friends and my husband does not love it as much as me, so it is great to have games I can play by myself (which is something I mentioned on my survey).  Another cool looking game is Greed (a $6.95 value), which is an easy to play dice game that I think I will be taking to a family gathering later this month.  I also received Whiz Bing Bang (a $14.99 value), which seems very similar to the theatre warm-up games Zip, Zap, Zop and Schwing!.  This one I think I will be saving for my godsons.
The fourth and final small game was Ogre Pocket Edition (a $2.95 value).  This is a reproduction of the first game designed by Steve Jackson (of Munchkin fame) and is made to look (and cost) the same as it did in 1977.  And guess what?  It also can be played solo!  Speaking of Munchkin, I also received a Munchkin bookmark (a $0.41 value).  This may be the lowest value item in the pack, but it is really cool because I love to read and I love Munchkin.  It can be used as a one-time use card in a game of Munckin, but since it gets torn when used, I am going to use it to death as a bookmark first.  And of course, it would not be an Awesome Pack without some sort of collectible.  This month, I got a foil pack Garbage Pail Kids MiniKins (a $2.99 value).  I was never into Garbage Pail Kids, but as a child of the 80s, I can totally appreciate this.
All told, my March Awesome pack had an estimated retail value of $88.23 (I am not counting my Kairo replacement parts) and I got it all for $44.95, which included shipping.  If you would like to subscribe, once again, I ask that you say you heard it from me, rickimc [at] aol [dot] com.  (Please note: as games and collectibles can vary in price based on demand, I tried to take the price from the manufacturers site whenever possible.)

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