Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Sound and the Echoes

The Sound and the Echoes
by Dew Pellucid
published by author
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Young fantasy fans will find much to love with the world Dew Pellucid created in The Sound and the Echoes.  Some familiar fantasy elements mingle with new ones creating a world vastly different from our own.

Ever since Will’s sister disappeared in the lake when they were little, Will has had his two pets, Damien and Dia, for company.  His life is pretty normal – well, aside from the fact that his parents will not stop searching for his sister – until right before his 13th birthday.  It is then that his pets tell him the truth about his sister…and about him.  Will is whisked away to the world of Echoes, semi-transparent twins to humans, whom they call Sounds.  He is heavily disguised because evil Echoes are out to kill him.  A law states that if a Sound dies, his Echo must be killed, and Will’s Echo just happens to the be the rightful heir to the throne.  With the help of his new best friend, Peter, Will must overcome many various obstacles to see his Echo ascend to the throne.

The world of the Echoes is a very unique one, as are many of the tasks Will must accomplish, although some are rather reminiscent of Harry Potter.  However, there are many characters that seem to come and go at random, and the evil Fate Sealers are very difficult to image.  Also, the plot tends to meander at times and all plot points do not necessarily lead to the ending.  These issues tend to throw older readers out of the story, but many young readers can look past these inconsistencies.

Dew Pellucid has penned a story that will easily entertain middle-readers. With a tighter storyline and solid characters, The Sound and the Echoes could be a wonderful fantasy to be enjoyed by all ages. 

Rating 2/5

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