Friday, May 17, 2013

24 Bones

24 Bones
by Michael F. Stewart
published by author
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Michael F. Stewart bring ancient Egyptian religion to the present in 24 Bones, creating a wild and thrilling ride of secret cults and powerful magic.

It has been years since David was sent from Egypt as a small child, leaving behind his father’s religious sect, the Shemsu Hor, and the Sisters of Isis who raised him.  Now he is back to translate a prophecy about the spine of Osiris, which consist of twenty-four vertebrae guarded by the Shemsu Hor, the Shemsu Seth, and the Sisters of Isis.  However, the Shemsu Seth have been killing the Shemsu Hor in order to obtain their pieces of the spine.  One of these Shemsu Seth members is Sam, who had a brief encounter with David as a young girl.  Little do David or Sam know how important they are to the struggle between light and dark.

Stewart presents a lot of intrigue and action in 24 Bones, which is what keeps the story moving.  Unfortunately, there are some parts that are rather confusing, which can slow the pace.  The twist in the story, though, is excellent and definitely worth the read.

Fans of ancient Egypt and modern intrigue will enjoy 24 Bones.  Michael F. Stewart has talent for this sort of story which will develop over time.

Rating 3/5


  1. Thanks for the review, Ricki! I really appreciate the time you've invested in reading now two of my books. :)

  2. I'm with you, Ricki. I'm always a fan of a twist at the end. Thanks for the review of Michael's book :)