Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Shadow on the Wall

Shadow on the Wall
by Pavarti K. Tyler
published by Fighting Monkey
ISBN 978-0-9838769-1-5
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Challenges:  Mystery & Suspense, 100 Books in a Year

I can honestly say that Shadow on the Wall is unlike any book I have ever come across.  Pavarti K. Tyler takes a variety of themes and tropes and puts them together in a way that is simply stunning.

Recai Osman, a prominent young businessman and heir to a multi-billion Euro company, finds himself buried in the middle of the Turkish desert.   Luckily, Hasad Sofaer discovers him and brings him home to rest under the care of his daughter, Rebekah.  Hasad has misgivings about bringing a Muslim into his home, but it is not Recai he needs to worry about.  While he is out, the Reformation of Turkish Kurdistan (RTK) come, and although the Jewish Rebekah keeps a burqua on hand for occasions such as this, they accuse her of seducing Recai.  What happens next shapes Recai for the rest of his life, leading him down the path to become a superhero.  But along the way, he will have to fight against many more injustices from religious bigotry to sexism, testing him as a man and as a Muslim.

While Recai is the title character, Tyler tells the story from many third-person POVs, letting the reader experience all aspects of a culture that many Westerners know little about.  This characterization and attention to detail - and the fact that Tyler is not willing to pull any punches - is what makes Shadow on the Wall really stand out.  At times, this can be a difficult read, but that is only because Tyler's writing is so superb, it brings all of the injustices to vivid light.

Pavarti K. Tyler has amazing talent and is definitely an author to watch.  Shadow on the Wall may not be for everyone, but those who can stand to learn more about another part of the world and try to see it through the character's eyes will eagerly await the next installment in The SandStorm Chronicles.

Rating: 4/5


  1. Thank you so much for the insightful review. I appreciate you helping me introduce the world to Recai and The SandStorm :)