Thursday, November 24, 2011

Graphic Novels Challenge Recap

I love graphic novels so I did not expect the Graphic Novels Challenge level I chose, Beginner (3 books), to be so challenging. I did complete it, but I thought for sure I would read more. I do have some still sitting on my shelves, so I will do it again, but at the same level. Here is what I managed to read:

1. Western Classics by Graphic Classics
2. The Nature of Wonder by Frank Beddor, Liz Cavalier, & Sami Makkonen
3. Edgar Allan Poe's Tales of Mystery by Graphic Classics


  1. Congratulations on finishing the challenge!

  2. Congrats on undertaking & finishing this challenge. I hope it opens you up to selecting more graphic novels in the future; it's a fun genre. I recommend some of the adult titles like Maus and Shake Girl, which use visuals just as well as words to tell a story. Oh, and the "new" Outlander graphic novel is worth a look as well *G*

  3. Love all these challenges your doing, I should try one and this seems a good one to start.

    -iggygirl (check out my reading blog swap)

  4. Oh.... this is a good one. I read a LOT of graphic novels, so I may need to check this one out too. Darn you for getting me interested in so many challenges! :)

    PisceanMama from Swap-Bot for the Check Out My Reading Blog swap.