Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Bookman

Title: The Bookman
Author: Lavie Tidhar
Publisher: Angry Robot
ISBN: 978-0-85766-034-3
Why Read?: For Fun
Challenges: Full Steampunk Ahead, Vacation, 100 Books in a Year

Thoughts: I have not read many steampunk novels before, but I do love the genre - and The Bookman is a perfect example. This is a story of adventure, automatons, and aliens set in an alternate Victorian England and populated with both real and fictional people of the time period. And, since most readers are booklovers, the plot largely centers around books (which makes Tidhar's writing roughly reminiscent of one of my favorites - Jasper Fforde). This book is a delight for any fan of the genre, and a good introduction for those wanting to try steampunk.
Rating: 4 stars

Vacation Reads Challenge: Victorian England was a time of intrigue and the start of modern age as we know it - who wouldn't want to visit? And throw in Tidhar's fun alternate history and you have a location just waiting to be explored!

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