Saturday, May 7, 2011

OT: My Favorite Dystopian

So, Miss Remmers' Reviews is having a challenge for the Spring Blog Carnival dealing with Dystopians, and the prize is a copy of Wither, which I have been coveting, so I am entering, even though it requires a blog post which is not really what I use this blog for. But here it is:

My absolute favorite YA Dystopian is X-isle by Steve Augarde. After a flood destroys most of the world, boys are called to work on X Isle. This is the tale of what really happens there. It is the type of book that sucks you in immediately and keeps you enthralled until the last page. What I liked so much about it, and what makes it stand apart from others, is that is does seem to have its roots firmly is classics such as The Lord of the Flies, which, somehow, makes it all that more chilling to remember authors were writing like this half a century ago, too. This is one I would definitely recommend as it was in my Top 5 for 2010.


  1. Ah! Interesting. I love the dystopian genre so much and the only YA Dystopia I've read is The Hunger Games, which I thought was perfection. Another favorite of mine is The Giver. Now that I think about it, I've read quite a few dystopian things haha.

    I actually am hopping by to thank you for completing my mini-challenge with an exclusive-no passing around or making a post about it-award that you can just throw in your pile of awards if you want!! Here's the link for you to grab it: Award.

    Hope to see you back around soon!

    Lah @ Lazy Girl Reads

  2. Ricki

    I love Dystopian novels - but I don't know about a great many of them, so every time I run across a new one, I add it to my list. I've never heard of X-Isle, so it is going on the list. :)

    I read Enclave not too long ago and loved it. I've also read the Hunger Games, Incarceron and the Pretties/Uglies.

    I would love any suggestions you have. :)


  3. Michelle,

    If you are looking for something sort of dystopian but also speculative, I highly recommend Shades of Grey by Jasper Fforde. It has some elements of dystopian, but it also a lot brighter (which is kinda funny since in it, everyone sees in shades of grey).

  4. Oh good a Dystopia for my wish list!! Thanks.